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Originally Posted by Mikefromaz View Post
My first dino outbreak and observations. I recently had an ever worsening hair algae problem. I dosed Marine Algaefix for the HA which worked. Just as the tank was looking good, in came the dinos in an incredible rush. What I didn't catch is that my normal nitrate level of less than 5ppm jumped up to 20ppm. I am assuming the total algae kill left plenty of nutrients behind. I do regular weekly 10% water changes. The only "new" things in my 1 1/2 year old reef was the slow buildup of hair algae, the algaefix to get rid of it and now the dinos. I have two new bags of Purigen and replaced what was probably stale Rowaphos in my phosphate reactor with Phosguard. It seems like I am in for a huge battle. Any comments or advice gladly appreciated..
My dinos were the result of algaefix as well, the algaefix decimated all the micro fauna and micro critters in my tank. I agree with Montireef, biodiversity is the key, I've added pods, phyto and garf grunge and am looking to get a piece of live rock from a fellow reefer with some tube worms on it. I've also seen results from not running my skimmer and allowing the nutrients to climb up resulting in green micro algae and cyano which seem to be out competing
the dinos, tank looks good but I can still see dinos under the microscope.

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