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I am trying a multi-pronged approach to reduce the dinos by dosing Stability to increase the good bacteria population, vodka to reduce the bubble algae and zooplankton to increase the dinos natural predators and to build a better pod population for a future mandarin. All of that plus increased water changes and sand vacuuming to remove as much as possible from the sand bed. It is still too early to tell if this approach is going to work, but it is the cheaper alternative to a quality UV setup.

@Mike, I have that same "bloom" that you speak of but my bloom has been slowed by the approach listed above. I even added a Diamond Goby to keep the sand bed in a constant state of being turned over but he has made a burrow under some rocks and hasn't come out since I bout him last week. Only time will tell if he has any impact on the situation.

100g long FOWLR , 38g sump, WM AS150 Skimmer, 80 lbs LR, LED lighting (165w X2)
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