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Originally Posted by DDon View Post
Well I am going to give UV a try. Have an AquaUV 57watt Classic due to arrive Monday. Once I get it installed, will try that with a combo of 3 days blackout, elevated pH, H2O2, fresh GFO and daily filter sock changes.
I have been avoiding water changes since the last blackout but may do one as I want to remove the top layer of the sand bed for now. It is already pretty shallow to nonexistent on part of the tank due to prior partial remove and my power heads rearranging. Can't remove all (not that I would want to) and will put some back once this clears up as I have 3 leopard wrasses and a melanurus wrasse that need sand. So, is it better to do the water change right before lights out, during or just after? Or just skip this for now? Last time i siphoned part of the bed out I siphoned into a brute trashcan, let it settle and pumped the water back into tank through a filter sock, kind of a pain but if that is best option I can do it again.

Also are you measuring your flow rate through your UV or just estimating?
Have you ID'ed your dinos?

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