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Originally Posted by Mikefromaz View Post
My water change/ cleaning routine. I do a 10% change weekly, in my case 4 gal. I do 2gal. above the the bottom to give me non contaminated "rinse" water. I use that to give the sump LR and bags of Matrix a good underwater shake to dislodge the crud before putting the stuff back. The other 2gal. of removed water is when I vacuum the sand. Especially with the dinos I tried to remove just enough sand to reveal clean white sand. I have two 200 micron socks which I swap out one midweek and one when I do the water change. After the water change I blow the heck out of the tank LR and let the dirty sock catch the stirred up stuff, waiting about a half hour and changing it out with the clean one.
. I only clean the socks with a hard spray inside and out from the garden hose, allowing it to dry in the sun. NEVER wash your filter socks in the washing machine. Laundry detergent is the mother lode of nitrates and phosphate.
You can wash filter socks in the washer. Just use bleach and no detergent.

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