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My previous posts detail what I did to beat the dinos. What followed due to ultra low phos/nitrate was a lot of dead bubble algae. When it became dislodged on its own, the white shells seemed to collect at a vortex point in my tank making it "appear" like a bubble algae bloom. All dead or dying. This morning will be 48 hr. since I started a Chemi- clean dosing for mild cyano. No big worry there. My dinos are completdly whipped or so it seems. My "formula"..... scrupulous system cleaning, major dosing with fresh Purigen, Phosguard, dosing with vodka, and restarting an old UV sterilizer from a previous tank. My advice stay away from algae killers in your reef. The one I used killed HA very well. It also wiped out most if ot all of the micro algae, allowing a free nutrient field for the dinos.

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