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Well I got my UV (57 watt Aqua UV) installed and turned on on Friday night. I have been lights out since then, just lights off not total blackout. I have been blowing the rocks a couple times a day along with daily filter sock changes and large daily water changes (approx. 60 gallons each). Siphoned the top layer of sand during the water changes as well. I know the water changes fly in the face of what most recommend but I am hoping removing as many dinos as I can with the large water changes, filter socks and UV will cause a collapse of the population. I hadn't done water changes for quite some time and it didn't seem the be helping.
Friday night working on the tank right after I got he UV up and running the odor was very strong and caused my eyes to burn and water. Saturday before the first water change when blowing off the rocks, the smell was so much better and now it smells normal. I have also been scrubbing as much of rock as I can reach with a toothbrush, which on a 240g tank is no fun at all.
Tomorrow will be last day of lights out and will do 1 more water change. I will go with just actinics and blues on the first day of lights and then slowly ramp the LEDs up over a period of time. The white T5 will stay off for another week.
Of course i will be going out of town for a week on tuesday afternoon so I won't know the results of what I have done until I get back. We will see how it goes.

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