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is this dino?

I've been having a huge outbreak of what I thought was cyano and diatoms.. happened to read on a local forum that dino looks like diatoms but kills snails.. Uh oh. I've lost 10 astrea snails in the last 10 days.

Params fairly normal: Salinity 1.025, temp 78, no ammonia (surprisingly) or nitrite, nitrate less than 1 (salifert). Alk 8ish, Ca 400-420. Don't have a recent phosphate test but it was .03 last month. No Mag test, going to buy one this week as I should probably be dosing it.

Shrimp, brittle star, goby seem unaffected. That sexy shrimp is in every picture I take of my tank Whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be on my corals. It's covered the back wall of the tank and is really bad on the bottom of one side. Pods seem to love it.

Tank is 28g jbj nano, CF lights, no skimmer (they don't fit!). Weekly 10% wc (going to skip this week in case it is dino). Dosing -just alk supplement every other day, Ca every week or two. Carbon in the back chamber, changed monthly. Been running for about 5 months, including a long 6 + week cycle

thanks in advance!

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