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Yes! I for one believe there are always dinos in a tank at some level. Whrn competing micro fauna and algae have all the nuttients they can use they simply out munch the dinos. It is another way of starving them out. Whether you super clean, use massive amounts of nitrate and phosphate removers along with UV and skimming as I did or force feed the tank, the end results seem to be the same. I repopulated my good guys by dosing heavily with the live "reef stew" (phyto, pods, rotifers etc.) from the LFS. What I HAVE done since my breakout is to force the bare rocks to grow coralline. My original problem was a runaway attack of HA. It was the marine algaecide which got me in trouble in the first place. My thoughts are algae doest grow on coralline covered rocks. We shall see.

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