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I recently stopped uding Rowaphos in favor of Phosguard. The two primary reasons were cost and the statement by Seachem saying that Phosguard removes silicate from the water. After researching the tests by many that Phosguard leaches aluminum oxide I am satisfied that yes it does so but only under conditions of absurd Ph conditions, not rinsed properly before use and if it is allowed to grind itself up in a turbulent media reactor. It has been about two months now and I have not seen even a slight negative response from my corals. Rowa is a great product, no problems with the way it works. When my dino outbreak hit I wanted to be as sure as possible that it wasnt a diatom attack hence my interest in silicate removal. The pellet design works better in my phosphate reactor too. My Hanna phosphate meter has been showing a solid 0.0 with Phosguard. In the18 months of Rowa use the same meter was indicating about 0.03 on average. My dino attack was an unexpected result of using a marine algae killer for HA. These days I am trying to be more pro active with algae control. Along with all the other reef related expenses, affordability ranks high in my list. So good.

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