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Originally Posted by Dfee View Post
I was so happy to never have to read this thread or others again about dinos. But now my dinos popped back up again. All I did last time was stop caring. How are you guys speeding up that process? I don't have sps and realize how much more difficult it would be with them keeping your nutrient low. I'm using dr. Tims to start. All level at 0 obviously and it's affecting my coralline. No snail die off yet. I can't believe how long some of you have been dealing with this.

Also do you think that the key to blackout isn't killing them off completely but making your tank dirtier from die off?
The best way I found out to rid of Dino was to just let your tank go and extend out your W/C. I added bacteria which in the long term I didn't find it very useful at all. Best thing to do is, be patient and let it starve itself out. Had a Zoa go from 25+ polyps to 6 when I finally won the battle.

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