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My last tank ended in my battle with Dino's. I Didn't find this thread then so just started all over with a new tank last October. Started with 6 small fish in a 220 tank and no coral. Everything was just great until about 7 months in.

During month 7 I noticed an algae outbreak all over my sand, so I started doing a lot of water changes and running GFO. I Was going for the totally clean tank thing which I now know can be a trigger. Then Dino's out of nowhere. I Found this thread and immediately stopped water changes and turned off skimmer. I Noticed an immediate improvement and after a few weeks Dino's were barely noticeable. I tried taking a sample under a toy microscope but it wasn't powerful enough to determine the type if Dino's.

Now, all the sudden, 2 months later the Dino's are back with a vengeance. Killed two of my fish. I haven't turned water on nor done water changes. I'm wondering if I just don't have enough bio load and other live to counterbalance the Dino's?



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