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Originally Posted by EvMiBo View Post
Can you link the specific culture kit you're using?
I got amphipod copepod mix from reefs2go

Live copepods from algaebarn

Pod+ from reefcleaners

And I have an order of pods, worms, stars coming from IPSF

Phyto culture and micro macro grow from Florida Aqua Farms

My micro fauna was decimated from algaex, I originally started my tank with real live rock and had a very diverse system so that is what I am trying to get back to, diversity is the key.
My system turned the corner when I let the system get dirty and started rebuilding my micro fauna, I grow a nice crop of nice green micro algae on the glass in 3 days and am maintaining po4 at 0.025 and no3 at 2ppm.

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