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I would have to say the algae killer killed all my plankton, I saw it happening only a few days after I started using it and I changed nothing else, I vacuumed out their carcasses for weeks. I used to find dozens of brittle stars and amphipods in my sock when I changed it and I would return them to the tank but have not found one since the algaex even with the addition of many hundreds of pods. I used to have fan worms, bristle worms, spaghetti worms, peanut worms and I'm sure some other worms I never knew I had, all killed by the algaex.
My no3 was undetectable and my po4 very low but never did it test 0 and I had tons of plankton and did not dose phyto or anything to feed the plankton nor did I add plankton, but I think if tanks are stripped too clean then the plankton will suffer and set the stage for a bloom but I'm not sure that is the trigger as I read about a lot of tanks with readings of 0 no3 and 0 po4 and no dino bloom, in my case I believe the algaex was the trigger.
My dinos appeared within a few weeks of the algaex treatment and it is supposed to kill dinos.

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