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My dino bloom started after a tank crash. That was from the crash of the red flatworms crashing and dying lost all starfish and pods plus fish and 90% of corals very rapidly. That is also when my macro algea died. I did lots of water changes started restocking tank. But was never able to grow good macro algea. Then that's when the dinos took over could not keep a snail sand bed always had a mat of dinos and rock everything covered. Tried water changes ,gfo, carbon, new bigger protien skimmer etc. Nothing was working. Started following this thread and really wondered if tank was done. That's when I started feeding heavy back off the protien skimmer. Took gfo and carbon off. Less water changes. And now my tank looks better than it did before all my problems . I still have some dinos but there is less all the time. I am timing my cheato and calurpa in the refugium all the time. I now have lots of pods and snails and the small starfish are back. The diversity is back and finding a balance is what worked for me.

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