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After reading through this thread here's what I've learned - please take a loko and let me know how I've done :-)

1) Dinos are toxic to other living things.

2) There are different types of Dinos. Getting a sample under a microscope is best way to identify and address them

3) Dinos seem to always be there, the challenge is keeping them in check within your system.

4) With lights off Dinos become suspended in the water column;with lights on the reattach to something?

5) Removing Dinos: can be siphoned; or run skimmer, filter sock, UV with lights off. Or both.

6) Keeping Dinos in balance, it seems, is to use other organic materials? I've read people mention macroalgae, phyto, overfeeding, turning off skimmer as ways to fight or starve or just keep them in check?

What did I get wrong / forget?


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