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Originally Posted by Dfee View Post
Every day when my lights come on the gravel would be clean. It would take a couple hours for Dino's to show their ugly head. But I just peeked in on the fourth day of a blackout and I can see them in full force!!! How does this make any sense!?!? Can some take a look at my picture I posted 10-20 posts back? I'm 90% sure it's Dino's, I just can't believe what I saw when I just peeked
Can't make anything out in the pic, can you get a better one with better lighting?
The individual dinos are green but form chains or strands that are brown and snot like usually with air bubbles trapped within, but I have seen them without. They can be blown off with a turkey baster.
Normally when the lights are off they become free swimming in the water column(and they do swim), I believe this is to avoid predation, however there are many types of dinos and you need a microscope to ID them.
I think you need to physically remove them as much as possible, I used 10uM socks on my drains and blew them off the rocks and corals and vacuumed the sand bed and pumped the vacuumed water back into the tank through a 5uM sediment filter. It's tedious 10uM socks can be hard to come by but your LFS should be able to order them.

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