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Originally Posted by cal_stir View Post
Diatoms and dinos seem to live off each other, before I went dirty I removed my sand bed and the dinos moved to the glass and rocks but I could blow them off the rocks and not the glass, when I put a sample of what was on the glass under the scope it was 90% diatoms and 10% dinos. I had to clean the glass daily of the brown film, when I went dirty the green micro algae began to take over on the glass and it out competed the diatom/dinos either for space or nutrients(I think it was space), cyano growing on the bottom of the tank out competed it there.
My "turning the corner" was rebuilding my micro fauna with the addition of many different pods, worms, snails, crabs, critters and feeding phytoplankton.
I need to buy a scope, that's very interesting about diatoms.

I would LOVE to have worms, snails, crabs..however they seem to have been the first victims of dino poisoning. I did see my brittle starfish this morning, yay!

Is the location in your .sig accurate? I checked the companies you ordered from, and none of them will ship to Canadia. My LFS does have pod cultures, (tisbe/tigriops) but their opinion is that despite being advertised as benthic, most won't survive in our tanks. I think they have phyto and rotifers.

I don't think you want hair algae either.
To be honest, I wouldn't mind it. It isn't pretty but it supports a huge array of critters. I have no ambition to run anything TOTM-worthy. I was trying to create a lagoon type lps tank; the fact that my nutrients are undetectable is actually quite a surprise. I'm extremely interested in microfauna and invertebrates.

Next week's things to try: feed phytoplankton! Increase oyster feast and maybe stop rinsing the frozen mysis. No water changes. Leave the sandbed alone.

Today's water tests: Alk 8.3, Ca 380 (? testing error, not a fan of the salifert Ca test. Big weekly drop otherwise), Nitrates undetectable

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