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Originally Posted by cal_stir View Post
Did you add any or have any plankton, ie pods, worms, critters? Did you have green algae growing on the glass or was it brown?
Lowering the po4 too quickly may have stressed your corals and they may have expelled them, corals host dinos, also you may have had cysts and lowering the po4 triggered them.
Are you correct on the numbers, .4 or .04 and .2 or .02? cuz .2 is a big drop.
I fully agree.

Its about three months and a half I do not see ostreopsis in any of my tanks but I am sure that if I wanted them back the only thing I had to do is toss some phosphate resin (it does not mind if it is GFO or aluminium based).

If I want to get rid of them I just pull out the skimmer and start feeding frozen foods such as brine shrimp or lobster eggs. In about a week they won't be noticeable at all.

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