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Originally Posted by bertoni View Post
I agree. I doubt that it's possible to remove all dinoflagellates from a system, and they likely are good at spreading.
Likely true but depressing. I think dinos (and cyano) are extremophiles, they have adapted to live in conditions where nothing much else can survive.

Today I realized the back wall of my tank was completely covered in dinos again. It's tougher to see them there against the black plastic. Siphoned them off. Got dead (or severely stunned) bristleworms all over the place now. I'm skimming wet, running carbon. Fish and hermit crab still ok. Am I going to end with a totally sterile tank? The weird smell is much more noticable also. Seriously considering a few tap water changes. My tap's got chloramine so it would add a hit of nitrate and ammonia.


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