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"Clean" is not free of plankton or microorganisms.

I have a lot of planktonic life in my tank and no dino infestation. I don't use algae killing chemicals.

I use UV because it targets free swimming nighttime organisms like dinos while allowing benthic fauna to thrive in their place.

I use skimming because it's a natural scrubbing action and exports solid and liquid waste.

I use iron based GFO and the dinos don't come back.

I have no algae other than coralline in the DT and the macro in the sump.

Failure isn't an option It's a requirement. 660g 380inwall+280smp/surge S/L/Soft/Maxima/RBTA/Clown/Chromis/Anthias/Tang/Mandarin/Jawfish/Goby/Wrasse/D'back. DIY 12' Skimmer ActuatedSurge ConcreteScape
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