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small update on my end:

I was dino free for a good 6 months using just the 55 watt UV sterilizer up until I got a new, larger tank with new sand. I transported all livestock and live rock over, just not the sand. I started a small cycle as I was expecting, first the diatoms, then cyano, then what looked like bryopsis. I made the mistake of not letting the cycle run it's course, instead choosing to try to pretty up my system as quickly as possible. Got NO3/PO4 down to 0 and got a small dino bloom even with the UV on. At that point I didn't want it to get any worse so I purchased a new bulb for my UV since it'd been over 6 months now and then when I received it I did a 3 day blackout. I also turned off the skimmer and fed really well. Upon uncovering I started to feed really heavily trying to induce some algae growth. I haven't seen the dinos again since. I have some cyano and some hair algae and I just bought an ATS as well to promote algae growth. Stocked up on copepods and feeding phyto as well.

So I think all these methods work. I think we just need to be mindful not to get our water too clean. Biodiversity is the key.

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