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Originally Posted by DNA View Post
I was more thinking of a fast id from a decent picture.

The reefing community is oblivious to what dinos can do to reef tanks.
Reefers keep struggling and don't get it why their corals don't thrive.
Cyano and diatom problems are much more common than dino problems, but are they just that?

It does not take a big dino bloom to do havoc, a few patches here and there can make the SPS experience miserable.
We are not doing enough about it. It will take more than a hobbyist from Iceland to get the blue whale in the lagoon out of there.
You're right of course, but it's so difficult to identify anything in a reef tank.. Brown gunk could be funny looking cyano, diatoms, dinos, chrysophytes, 'normal' brown macroalgae or an alien invasion. Or a combination of any of those. In fact it's probably more common to have 2 things than not.. Not to mention there's not a strong consensus on what actually works against the beggars.

Perhaps someone smart could make a simplified key? Does it kill your snails, go away at night, like light/flow etc etc

Dinos Club never going to be as popular as Diners

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