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Originally Posted by dustinkimpel View Post
Figured I'd jump on this post. Have a bad case of it,

things I've tried:

Sucking out all of the sand and going BB ---- No effect dinos cover glass bottom same as if it were sand.

Currently trying blackout treatment ---- On day 2 dinos still there but not growing, will suck all of them out after 4 day blackout and see what happens.

Going to install a sump on Saturday with a new eshopps skimmer and attach a coralife UV sterilizer to the return line and see if it does any damage.

Will keep updated.

I have dinos and have been bare bottom since the beginning.

Two things I've noticed.

Dinos's and Cyano (as reported) can have some sort of symbiosis

Grows all over my rocks, corals and sides as well as on cyano.

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