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Originally Posted by Adrnalnrsh View Post
What Phyto are you dosing?

I ordered the P&P package from algae barn, which should be here Thursday. I have a really small bio load in my 90 gallon. I have a Major Damsel and two Platinum Clowns. I have a Skimz monzter sm302 which I got to go on a larger tank when I upgrade and I think its just way to big for this tank and my bioload. It pulls a ton of gunk but it seems to impair my tanks balance. I never had dinos until I added it.
Check my post #1233 there are links to some of the critters I've been adding to my tank, I also culture and dose phytoplankton.
I went the dirty method.
I had Ostreopsis Ovata but now I'm dino free.

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