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Originally Posted by Quiet_Ivy View Post
I hope that works for you!
Feeding makes mine worse, but then I seem to have a really toxic strain. Whenever I siphon off more than 1/4 of the tank, I see waves of dead pods, bristleworms, etc. This is running fresh carbon, filterfloss, filter socks, skimming very wet. Microfauna no doubt the way to go, just find me a company who'll ship to Canada.

Did discover this morning that my hermit crab is in fact alive, he just moulted and switched shells. Don't know what the poor thing is eating in there, but go crabby!

I am not runny any mechanical filtration and I haven't fed my tank in months.

I already had some green film algae growing where dinos and cyano are. So hopefully i can get more of it.

I also did an order for Reef Pods and Pods + from reef cleaners.

I am considering a lights out once I start adding the pods, phyto etc.

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