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Originally Posted by Adrnalnrsh View Post
Thx, I saw that post and its where I got the idea.

How bad was the tank and how long did it take to clear up.

I'd say 75% of my tank is covered.

EDIT: your link to IPSF looks copied paste from your PODS+
And I have an order of pods, worms, stars coming from IPSF

I found
Early on my tank was covered about 50%, the rocks and corals were 75% covered and the sand bed about 30%, It was stringy, snotty and had bubbles in it, I started blowing it off and vacuuming a couple times a day and filtering the water and putting it back in.
My battle was about 1 year but the beginning of the end of it was a couple months ago when I let it go dirty and started rebuilding my micro fauna and clean up crew.

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