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Started H202 dosing last night. On day 2 of blackout, No dino is growing and what was there appears to be changing color. Will suck out all of the dino from the tank tomorrow, (day 3 of the blackout). Then on day 4 of blackout I plan to install new sump, UV and skimmer. Turn lights on during day 5 only for 2 hours and slowly increase each day. In theory this will give the UV time to kill the dino in the water column before they receive light. I have a 55 gallon tank and a UV rated for 200 gallons, water should get blasted pretty hard. Will keep updating.

55 Gallon Reef ,Full Apex, Eshopps 75 Sump, Eshopps 75 Skimmer, 2 Jebao RW-8, JBJ Auto Top-Off, 2 Aquastar 165W LEDs
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