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Originally Posted by Dfee View Post
Ok, when is it safe to add all the tiny critters ( pods, phyto, what else is recommended?) after Dino's start to recede after dirtying tank
In my case I had physically beaten them back, I had removed my sand bed and got them to where they were a brown film growing on the rocks and glass but I could get no further, that's when I went dirty and started adding critters.
My dinos were caused by using algaex to try to rid a bubble algae problem, the algaex destroyed my micro fauna, every tube worm, brittle star, bristle worm, peanut worm, amphipod, copepod, you name it, I vacuumed their carcasses out for weeks.
I think it depends on the nutrient level of the tank, but IMO, I would take carbon, po4 remover and skimmer offline, no water changes and filter water back in if vacuuming, put 10uM socks on the drains and let the tank go until green micro algae is flourishing on the glass to where you can clean it everyday even encourage cyano. Then use chemiclean to get rid of the cyano(I did) and start adding critters and cleanup crew and phytoplankton, start skimming and a little bit of carbon. Now try to maintain po4 @ 0.03 and no3 @ 3ppm.
I am now back to my regular routine, I have a new sand bed back in weekly water changes, vacuum the half the sand every week, po4 binder, carbon, skimming 24/7, and enjoying the hobby again.

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