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Originally Posted by mfaso24 View Post
Does anyone know if you can safely transfer fish and corals from a Dino infested system to another? Looking for some insight from someone that has first hand experience preferably.
I tried this several times, first time I did a freshwater dip (30sec) on everything, within a few hours the dinos were showing on the corals..
The second time I used a freshwater/H2O2 dip (two capfuls in a bowl of water)for around a minute (corals only) the dinos came back on the corals and spread quickly..
Just guessing, but I think there were some dormant ones in the plugs/rocks the corals were mounted on...
Third time I used a freshwater/H2O2 (several ounces in a bowl of water) for 3 minutes followed by an iodine dip..
They came back on the corals, It was just was slower...
After each one of these dips, the corals were placed into a clean 10gallon tank with fresh salt water....

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