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what helped me with a combo of Dinos and cyno (never did figure out the allocation between the two).

added UV at slow rate:
noticed immediate improvement in my LPS (elegance and disk)...much better extension, hunger (supplemental feeding) and color.

added more flow:
now have two RW20s, 2x RW8s, 1x RW15...8's are at full speed sinewave--one positioned at one end of DT and pointed to blow across the back of the DT, the other at one end aimed toward front. the 15 is in the lower middle aimed toward the front--mid-speed, the 20's are upper opposite ends aimed at the opposite front corners--3 or 4 speed.

this marginally improved the cyno

Added Chemclean:
turned off UV and added per directions. it did the job perfectly. cyno gone in two days and no signs of return

changed from on 24/7 to 8hr (night only) everyday but also dialed back the amount of skim it would take out (trying the dirty method as noted earlier in this thread). interestingly i still don't have significant growth of algae on the DT....

us of bleach:
when i noticed dyno on the DT walls i used a long handled acrylic scrubber that was soaking in bleach to remove. before use, i ensure the bleach is drained (i.e. not dripping) but i DO NOT rinse in water. i then use the scrubber to scrub the area with the dino--i only move the scrubber in one direction so i press hard to ensure i can get all the dino in one pass. i've only had to do this a few times and only 1x or 2x in any one spot and dino is gone.

i haven't noticed any more cyno and only yesterday i noticed one very small dino, which i took out but it was sooooo small (maybe 0.25in long).

its been two weeks since the above changes (finished the chemclean process) and things look good. hope this helps!

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