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34 Cygni, thanks for shedding light on several difficult issues.

I've for long suspected bacteria to be a big player when it comes to dinos, but for reefkeepers they are hard to track for several reasons so they don't get discussed much here unless it's cyanobacteria.

When it comes to cyanobacteria I've described it as a relationship and not being a symbiotic one.
If I disrupt both the cyano and dinos. Dinos will settle in their usual spots first and then the cyano will settle on top.
It's like the cyano is seeking out the dinos. It could also be the dinos are attracting the cyano for their benefit, but once this has taken place on the sand it can last for weeks.
At least twice the end result has been a big reduction in dinos so one may think cyanobacteria to be a negative force on dinos.
On the last occasion on the other hand only few weeks ago the cyano left and didn't leave a dent in the dinos that have stayed at max densities since.
It seems like it's difficult for reefers and scientists to get the same results repeatedly or the dynamics and adaptations of the dinos are playing trics on us.
Most scientist admit they don't know enough and further studies to be needed.

A natural dino bloom has been described to have a rubber band effect with the predators in tow.
The predators will always catch up and the bloom will reside.
In my closed ecosystem there has been a constant mild bloom for years and predators have never got the upper hand.
Unfortunately this law of nature does not apply in my reef tank, but still my bloom has not exceeded mild for a long time.

But DNA couldn't repeat the experiment. I wonder...

I kept my skimmer running after pouring the skimmate in.
I think it's mostly the toxins rather than the cells that are doing harm, but when is it produced and does skimming or charcoal help?
Shutting them off may give a rise to the toxins and put livestock in danger.
At the time I had some SPS doing alright so I opted against it.
I only have astrea snails and they stay off of dinos.

Since 34Cygni is not in a galaxy far, far away... I hope to see more of your rays around here.

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