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Originally Posted by fftfk View Post
Alright - just picked up an emperor aquatics 40 watt uv.
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To deal with the Dino's (and anything else they potentially help with)
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Attachment 324862
I have a feeling that most people who haven't had luck with UV underpowered their UV relative to the size of their tank. My tank is 140 gallons. I'll report back in a couple of days as to how it's going!

Update - I've been having some success with my UV but it has not entirely wiped out the Dino's. I do think it has thinned them and definitely slowed any new ones from growing.
One big item where I see improvement is over the back wall. The tank has a pretty big cleanup/water change last weekend and the back wall is still relatively clear. Before the UV the back wall would have had a good coating on it.

One item I forgot to mention. I said I have an emperor aquatics 40 watt UV. That was incorrect. I have the 40 watt lite so my flow might still be a little too fast through it.

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