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Originally Posted by 34cygni View Post
The possibility that dinos could evolve UV resistance should not be dismissed out of hand.
i believe that is the point where i am at...when i first purchased my 55w UV pond sterilizer, it took care of my dinos practically over night (34 gallon all in one - UV installed during a 3 day blackout)...for 6 months i did not see any dinos at all...after a move i purchased a new, bigger tank - 70 gallon with 30 gallon sump and since then i've seen dinos on 2 occasions...none of them got out of control, as soon as i saw them i sucked them up and immediately started feeding the tank like crazy to get NO3/PO4 up which has least for me the UV approach is no longer working by itself, it requires me dirtying up my water as well...i believe my dinos will lay dormant for some time and bloom at opportune moments...i don't believe i'll ever get rid of them and the next time they decide to bloom, the UV and dirty water may no longer work...i might have to take a poop in my aquarium at that point

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