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@karim - the bulb in my UV was replaced @6 months and thoroughly cleaned.

@34cygni - my UV is on a timer - it turns on at 10pm and are on until 6am...i really only care about killing the dinos while they are free floating...having the UV on all day long also raises my water temp up 2 degrees and i don't have a chiller

also it's true, dinos definitely love sand and is probably another reason why my UV is no longer working alone anymore...before when i had the smaller tank and got dinos, i had removed the sand bed prior to installing the UV and they vanished almost the new tank i have a good 2-3 inches of sand again and they aren't quite as easy to beat

i actually just got another bloom yesterday and now it's become apparent that every time i've had a bloom, the only thing i did the night before was dose Acropower amino acids...this time was no exception, i dosed a half a cap of Acropower and sure enough the next day i had a bloom...i remember when i first got dinos in the old tank i was dosing vinegar, Acropower, using chemicals like chemiclean to get rid of cyano - a whole bunch of stuff...i stopped everything except Acropower which i dose seldomly and now it appears if i dose too much of it i get a bloom

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