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Originally Posted by DNA View Post
Dinos do like sand and you can use that to remove a lot of them.
The problem is that dinos will repopulate the sand in hours.
If you repeat this every day the end result will still always be as you did nothing at all.

I've taken cleaning to the edge twice and it will only add to the frustration.
Siphoning Ostreopsis out will not accomplish anything in the long term.
An exception could be with extreme blooms were dinos are smothering corals.

If you don't have any sandbed, dinos will simply settle on the rocks instead.
Don't forget that there are dinos in the water column as well.
It's just we see them so well on the sand and it's from there we estimate how they are doing.
Talking about illusions you can half or double you dinos by going from 5K>20K<5K Kelvin lights.


Here in Iceland are less than 50 reefers and I've heard none of them is able to keeps SPS healthy and they tend to end up dead.
From the photos they post it looks like almost all of them have dinos. The LFS included.
They are in denial or don't have a clue about what is going on. Same goes for the rest of the reefers in the world so it's normal.

There is only one exception, a reef on the opposite of the scale. An outgrown SPS tank where unicorns and rainbows live.
I imported seeded live rock from that tank earlier this year without success.


On saturday I'll give my skimmate another try.
I'll dump a week of collection back in over a few hours.
If the fish don't seem to mind I'll pour all of it in and keep the skimmer off.
More GAC will be used since I fear the toxic levels will raise.

GAC, Prodibio (bio-clean) were some of the things i were running before my dinos exploded.

Haven't put back or used since.

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