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Here's my recipe
Get a UV sterilizer and run it slow whenever your tank is dark.
Run your skimmer 100% when dark.
Remove filter socks (they're breeding traps while they're free floating)
Start with three days light off.
Add pods and fresh live rock (in the dark).
Feed your fish more frequently, but don't add waste.
Add a refugium with a fast flow chaeto zone and a no flow cryptic zone. Seed with pods.
Refresh GAC

I also did other things that I don't think we're very effective...
Increased alkalinity.
Made water changes.
Removed them from the rock.
Used H2O2... This helped a little but the UV does the same.

Things I would stay away from...
Any chemicals that kill algae or bacteria in bulk.
Any heavy duty phosphate removers like Lanthanum Chloride.
Mixed on GFO- I'd take it offline.

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