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Originally Posted by karimwassef View Post
ULNS is terrible. It's torture on the life we keep.

I don't think anyone intentionally here started there...
It was never my intention to be ULN, I inadvertently got there trying to get rid of bubble algae, it seems that most hobbyists these days believe po4 and no3 should be 0 and strive for that. I guess I got caught in it because whenever you talk algae you talk about too much nutrients and when you talk about too much nutrients you talk about po4 and no3.
The bubble algae I have left is slowly receding and my po4 .05 and no3 4 ppm, I attribute that to me carefully siphoning it out without breaking the bubbles and releasing the spores.
I wonder if the plankton is helping with the bubble algae, it could be feeding on the spores.
My goal is to maintain po4 @ .03 and no3 @ 1 to 2 ppm.

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