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Adding live rock.

Some years ago I added new live rock and got about 3 months of good coral growth.
That was when I had no SPS coral growth, but was unaware of the effect that dinos have on coral health.

Last year I added live rock, reducing the dino population dramatically and there was an instant turn in coral health.

This year I add live rock, the dino numbers stay as before, but there is a big change in coral health.
SPS corals that have had zero growth for over half a year, suddenly start to grow and show some color.

This time there was no visible change for a week, so I added dead shrimps to raise nitrates.
That is the only other parameter change at the time. Anyone can give this a try with minimal effort.

Given my history of adding live rock while blooming dinos are ruling a tank, this can't be a coincidence.
Since the dinos stayed in place and there is nothing eating them or reducing their numbers it's not pods that are doing the trick.

I find it most likely that bacteria is reducing the toxic levels.
I think this is one of the keys on understanding how dinoflagellates affect coral health.

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