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Day 3 adding week-old skimmate collected in a jar back to my tank.

Good news: Got here this morning and Whoah! 90% of the cyano is gone!

Bad news: big dino outbreak, I see the harder brown circular spots on the glass and some have developed strings since yesterday morning. Hermit crab is ok. Corals ok except for my hammer which sucked all its polyps in and looks very cranky.

hypothesis: dinos survive better in a jar than other bacteria? Or they consumed the bacteria. If I'm just re-culturing dinos this won't do much good. Really need to buy a decent microscope. Should also see if I can get a big cup of skimmate from someone who doesn't have dinos.



28g cube, CF 105watts! Tunze 9001. Tiny frags: Euphyllia, blasto, ricordea and a rock flower anemone. Lost fish and inverts due to ongoing outbreak of dinoflagellates.

Current Tank Info: 28g aio, 105 watt CF lights, no sump or skimmer. 2 sexy shrimp, tiny frogspawn, tiny toadstool, tiny lps. Started Feb '15
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