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Originally Posted by PorkchopExpress View Post
Dfee, those kind of look like diatoms. Do they go away at night and return the next day after a few hours of light?

Some do, some don't. After removing skimmer, no water changes, and more feeding, I have gha, diatoms, Dino's, and cyano.

I decided to go to a place I haven't been before in Chicago to get some pods, so trying that method now

The guy there actually mentioned a Dino Filter you can buy. I'm trying to find it on the internet now . Never heard of it before.

The picture was taken just now about 1 hour before lights come on. I also did a siphoning 24 hrs before the pic was taken.

So what's the consensus on siphoning? Leave the Dino's alone or siphon into filter sock in sump like I've been doing?

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