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Originally Posted by Dfee View Post
Some do, some don't. After removing skimmer, no water changes, and more feeding, I have gha, diatoms, Dino's, and cyano.
Good grief! I guess I'll have to stop whinging about my tank issues now. That's unusual actually, most of us seem to have only dinos, or dinos and cyano. Do you have the typical 0 nitrates/phosphates?

The guy there actually mentioned a Dino Filter you can buy. I'm trying to find it on the internet now . Never heard of it before.
I don't see anything on a quick google. Maybe he meant diatom filter? Any 5 or 10 micron filter sock will catch dinos. They clog up within hours though. I've tried filter floss and it doesn't seem to help much. I use it and carbon when I'm scraping the glass to hopefully keep the toxins down.

So what's the consensus on siphoning? Leave the Dino's alone or siphon into filter sock in sump like I've been doing?
Can't hurt. Didn't seem to help me much. I agree with the people above who thought that not all dinos detach from the glass, and that they leave some kind of chemical marker/cyst to return to the same places. I looked at my tank in the dark and I still see dinos. There are definitely 'bad spots' where it's much worse. I tried changing the flow, too. No results. Probably species dependent.

What does seem to help in my tank:
-adding pods
-adding bacteria (ideally from someone else's sand, rock, skimmate. do NOT recycle your tank's skimmate. I'm looking to add a bunch of good sand too)
-feeding phyto heavily
-no water changes
-reduced skimming
-carbon when disturbing dinos


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