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Originally Posted by Dfee View Post
Yes! You were the one that told me pods would be the nail in the coffin, correct?
It's too early to tell if this will last but it's been the biggest improvement I've seen in months.
Now I'm paranoid to change anything. Should I switch out phosphate media or leave it? Put my skimmer back in or leAve it out? I dunno.
I'm thinking of starting a refugium since I already have a refugium sump that I only put a skimmer in. I'm thinking just adding one piece of live rock, light, and cheato
Yes that was me.
I would start the skimmer on the dry side but go easy on phosphate media, I would try to keep po4 @ .03 and continue with the phytoplankton, I'm not sure how much your dosing but I was dosing 100ml 4x a day in a 200gal system, after a couple weeks I noticed algae patches forming on the sand(I know it was only algae because I have a microscope) I then cut the dose in half and it cleared up in short order, I haven't vacuumed my sand for a couple weeks and it looks great and I do 15gal water change weekly and run half the carbon I use to. I'm still using the 10uM socks.
My po4 has been as hi as .06 and as low as .02 without issue.

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