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Originally Posted by DNA View Post
A week after I added new live rock my tiny SPS corals started to grow at full speed.
This followed more than half a year of absolute zero growth.
I have repeated this three times now so it's a key element on how dinos affect coral health.
There has been no visual effect on the dinos or plankton and the usual reef tank parameters have not changed.

I don't think anyone has the facts on this so good theories are wanted.
Since nobody seems to have a clue here are some of mine.

The live rock brought in Symbiodinum dinflagellates desperately needed for coral health and growth.
The dinos are not producing any toxins any more.
New bacteria brough in with the live rock is suppressing or neutralizing the dino toxins in the water column.

From my experience the current growth period will last around 3 months before everything will start to go downhill.

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