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Originally Posted by Quiet_Ivy View Post
@bheron Wow, what an ordeal! I'm glad you're making headway finally. I think you are right about excessive cleanliness. I think it leads to low biodiversity, creating an environment where only extremophiles like cyano and dinos can survive. I hypothesize that the few of us with really intractable dinos (Hi DNA!) have something missing or wrong so far down the food chain it's difficult to remediate. Probably not a coincidence that neither of us has access to good real live rock or microfauna kits.
Thanks Quiet_Ivy. I spent years dealing with algae and cyano before the dinos. Was so programmed to keep reducing nutrients. It never worked! :-)

Originally Posted by DNA View Post
This is like a fresh wind in our sails.

So what about running Carbon? Any feedback that makes Dinos worse? After months of the 'dirty tank' method I'd like to run some carbon to see if I can clear up the water.


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