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yup, after reading some articles online it appears that tisbe are in fact benthic while tigriopus are palegic...tigger pods are the ones you see at most stores from reef nutrition...they are a colder water species and will not last long in our tanks not to mention they are free swimming and will just get caught in your filter sock or some tisbe, dump it in your refugium or your display when the lights are out, pumps off...i usually buy tisbe from a local guy and keep bottles in my fridge to recharge the refugium every now and then because i have a mandarin

word of caution to those of you that are in the US - although the prices are attractive do NOT buy from reefs2go...they have very poor practices in shipping livestock with barely any water and most if not your entire order will arrive doa...their customer service is horrid as well...don't just take my word for it, look them up at the better business bureau before you decide to order from them, you'll be glad you did...i know it seems their buy one get one free copepod/amphipod mixture is a great deal but i did buy some and all they send you is a bag with a moist filter pad and a handful of copepods found

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