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natas, you have to remove very very carefully ALL sand, every grain...wait one or two weeks...AND if you already have some one the rocks this is not sufficient as you say. According to my experience dinos nearly almost start at the sand, so if you do not wait to it go to the rock, you can eliminate it with sand extraction. But, it is very important to take everything out and that is not so easy. concerning grain size it is a "medium risk" maybe, so of course you can get dino in that grain size, but in my tanks it has come much faster with more fine sand.
Algea X has not worked for me, maybe because different dinos as you say, but Algenex is frequently used in Sweden with almost always 100% success, BUT big recurrence rate!..

I promise you...let me struggle an aquarium with dino only in the sanded and i will get rid of it. It is the only way that really worked for me, and the aquarist i have helped the last year. But i cannot enough stress, that this is not the true if you have it on the rocks. The you have to remove the rocks and clean them off in saltwater, and then observe carefully, and wait to introduce sand to you cannot see anymore dinos.

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