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Originally Posted by LuciDog View Post
All these methods have been tried and tested several times. Dino's are never gone, just kept in check by some mysterious boundary. The most knowledgable scientists can't tell you how to completely eradicate them, so I am more then a little sceptical. Unless you have been without Dino's for 12 months, I don't consider you Dino free.

What strain of Dino's did you have.
I do not know the strain but for sure it was dino, and it was around 11-12 months ago i had it last. I tried exactly everything, then worked with the theory that it emanate from the sand, and preferably sugarfine dito(not always), so i tested my theory and it worked for me, and for two other aquarist i helped. As in this complicated world i cannot guarantee that it helps everyone of course, just telling my experience and struggling with dino, which over the years are the last 7 years at least. it is very important to take almost every grain out...that mistake have i done, leaving some grains, then it did not work.


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