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Originally Posted by Billybatz9 View Post
Just researched and came across this thread
All I got out of that was the potential to use other methods and it wont hurt to try. Which, it would not hurt to try. Polyfilter then should work as well. However, if it was coper or iron I have my doubts that cuprisorb, polyfilter, or any media that absorbs heavy metals would work especially in the long run.

That is if we can trust Tritons results which detected no heavy metals with in their limits of detection in my system at the same time I was experiencing the dinos blooming. I'll have a second round of triton test results back again soon at the same time the dinos were in full bloom.

So, if they need a very small trace amount under what Triton could detect and if cuprisorb could possibly remove that very small trace amount of what ever heavy metal the dinos consume like iron then you would be fighting a loosing battle. As all saltmixes, including ocean saltwater, and the food you feed has very small trace amounts of those heavy metals. In fact that's a good thing as they are necessary. Even copper is used but only at very small trace amounts.

Also, I just started dosing iron about a week ago to help feed my turf scrubber. The past week my dinos have been dying back. If they really wanted Iron they should be getting strong now that I'm dosing it.

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