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Originally Posted by Billybatz9 View Post
Anyone ever use cuprisorb for dinoflagellate problem
I'm trying Cuprisorb as most other methods didn't work. Well, not most - all.

I've also read several threads about Cuprisorb and dinos. It's not directly connected to copper, but rather to iron, or some other unknown that Cuprisorb seems to absorb and get out of the tank.

I just started last Thursday in high-flow area in the sump (Seachem says no reactor!) and I can see a small change. Some places like the back wall have visibly less dinos, even some totally clean patches.

However, it's still early to say if it's really due to Cuprisorb. From what I've read, it takes at least a month to see significant results - and whether it works at all.

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