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Originally Posted by karimwassef View Post
There are plenty of things we haven't tried yet. For example, how about a water transfusion?

Yes- like a blood transfusion. Take dirty water from a well established system and use it instead of fresh makeup water. The more established and healthy the donor system, the better.

Or a sand transfusion.

I still like the lightem and trashem dino trap idea. Run 100% dark, except for one contained area that is brightly lit with a mesh for them to grab on to. The return into darkness can be driven through a fine mesh and a UV. Run the dark/light setup until the mesh is thick with them. Then break off the flow (go around the container) and throw away the container, mesh and water.

Maybe that's the precursor to the water transfusion.
You might be on to something here. I have had success moving dinoflagellates into my fuge by leaving the fuge light on a 24 hrs photo period and reducing the photo period and intensity in the display. As far as using water from another established system, I have read that dinoflagellates seem to melt away in some cases if they are added to a healthy system. I'd be interested in seeing results if someone tries it out.

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